A new stage for the stories that need to be told.

There is a new class of companies whose products have enhanced massively the web experience we all enjoy and benefit. Twilio is undoubtedly one of them. Their cloud-based product completely changed the game in terms of customer experience, enabling phone support, VoIP, email and messaging through a scalable and robust solution. 

If you ever called a Lyft or ordered a pizza on Deliveroo, it may surprise you to find out that Twilio’s technology made both possible. Their product has been used by developers in innovative and unexpected ways. Until now, those user-cases were showcased on 3 different blogs, and Twilio decided to unify them into one destination, with the help of Superfriendly.

What started as a content hub became a more ambitious endeavour. This is the story behind the creation of The Current, a bold digital destination championing rich, deep and thoughtful stories with a really strong design aesthetic. With a flexible and adaptable modular system, Twilio writers had now a platform that matched the content’s quality.